Emma Ziff Equine Photographer
Emma Ziff Equine Photographer

Emma Ziff Equine Photographer

As a person who loves and owns horses, becoming a horse photographer brought together all my passions.  Based in Hertforshire I created Emmaziffphotography which has been a dream come true.  I take the ordinary and make equine portraits extraordinary 


As a  5 year old, my parents took me to the local stables to learn to ride.  I was immediately hooked - and the passion has never faded.  My horses are a huge part of my life.

For years I wanted my own pony, it was all I dreamed about.  I saved my birthday and Christmas money, I did a paper round and I worked in the school holidays in any way I could to save up for a horse.

It took me until I was 15, when I convinced my parents to let me have a pony on loan.  I put so much time and effort into this lovely mare that my parents eventually gave in and help me buy "Bella".  She was everything.

All these years later I still have horses.  They are a part of me and that's what makes me the equine photographer I am.  I love everything about them from a twitchy nose, a poking out tongue or a tilt of the head.  They are the most incredible animal and I'm honoured to photograph horses and their owners.

email: emma@emmaziffphotography.co.uk

Tel: 078 3456 3456

Hertfordshire, covering the whole of England, UK

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