Autumn Colours

Though many may dread the end of summer and the shortening of the days, we have found that autumn makes for a wonderful season when it comes to equine photoshoots. The visual changes are just as dramatic as the spring awakening and here are some of the reasons it can be the perfect time for a session.

Autumn Red

Beautiful autumnal colours

That dramatic change is easily the top reason to love an autumnal photoshoot. The grass remains just as green, but the change of the leaves, to red, gold, and brown, adds a depth of colour and a complementary factor that makes any image pop. Even the constant change in the sky can work in your favour. A little grey can make a sweeping natural backdrop seem all the more dramatic, making your horse seem like a more powerful and imposing figure in foreground. When it clears up, the pale blue skies add an excellent contrast to their natural coat, too.

The sun’s in the perfect position

When the sun is high in the sky like during the height of summer, it can add a lot of glare as well as harsh shadows. In autumn, the sun gets much lower. As a result, shadows are longer but softer. The cool, well lit air is much cleaner, too, allowing us to capture you and your equine friend in much better detail, as well as the dramatic backdrops that autumn has to offer.

Autumn fashion rocks

Despite the fact that the days are getting colder, the photos resulting from an autumn shoot tend to feel warmer. First of all, there are the autumnal colours of the leaves, much warmer than an overly green backdrop. But the outfits that our clients wear during autumn add a real cosy feeling to them, as well. Your horse’s winter coats start to come in around this time, too, helping them look all the cuddlier for the shoot. Owners are even more inclined to get close and to cuddle up, creating a warmth and an intimacy that adds a nice heart-warming touch to the entire photoshoot.

Vivid colours

Later sunrises and earlier sunsets

The golden hours are a goldmine for photographers. Just before sunset, the sun casts a golden glow across everything that can add a lot of depth with the growing shadows. Against a backdrop of changing autumnal colours, however, that light looks almost heavenly. In the autumn, it’s much easier to catch those golden hours and to capture some truly breathtaking images that help you and your horse look even better. The later sunrises are just as worth capitalising on. There’s no need to get up extra early to take advantage of that crisp morning air and the pale light it can add.

The autumnal colours, the dramatic changes in the landscape, the excellent lighting, they all provide the perfect opportunity to take some particularly breath-taking photos with your horse. Get in touch to book a session and you will be wowed by how much energy and atmosphere the season adds.


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