Equine Photoshoot Vouchers

If you want a present that will have the horse-lover in your life galloping with joy, then equine photoshoot vouchers might be just the thing. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or a special Christmas, a professional shoot with a specialist equine photographer can help create memories they will be proud to display and admire for years to come.

The photoshoot

With an equine photoshoot voucher, you get two hours with Emma, our specialist equine photographer. Emma is an avid horse-lover, herself, and has helped horse owners immortalise their relationship with their four-legged friends for years. She has taken photos in all kinds of settings, even including wedding photos. As such, she’s more than experienced in working with animals and taking the time and patience to capture the perfect image. You don’t need to worry about locations, either, as we can help you find just the right backdrop.

Plenty of help setting up

Having worked with lots of horse owners throughout England, we know not only how to take excellent photos of horses, but how to help you prepare for the shoot as well. The owner has the final say, but we can offer plenty of clothes, makeup, and styling advice to fit the setting and the mood they want for the photoshoot. Some of our clients will even work with makeup or hairstylist to really make it special. The best photos come when the owner looks great and feels great. We keep the mood light and relaxing throughout the shoot, too, so owner and horse alike can settle into it.

Memories worth keeping

Throughout the two hours, we will be staging and taking plenty of pictures. If the horse is a more active one, we can work with it, finding the opportunities to take the shots we need. At the end, we offer a private viewing where the voucher’s recipient can pick out their very favourites. When you’ve found the photo you love the most, we provide a 16” framed image that’s ready for display. Our photos are taken with professional equipment, offering the best visual fidelity so they will be glad to put them on display.

Perfect for all occasions

Our equine photoshoot vouchers are a popular birthday present, but they can make an excellent gift for any time of year. One of the best reasons to choose an equine photoshoot voucher for a Christmas present is because winter is the perfect time of the year for atmospheric, gorgeous pictures. From the clear, pale light of a chilly morning, the cosy feeling of the horse’s winter coat, and the clarity in the air, few photoshoots are fuller of depth and life. The voucher can make for an unexpected but heartwarming stocking filler, to say the least.

The relationship between a horse and their owner is a deeply special one and it’s one that’s worth celebrating. Equine photoshoot vouchers can be the perfect way to do just that. Give them a gift that they will truly treasure forever.


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