Get the best from your equine shoot

Your equine photoshoot is more than just an opportunity to create some gorgeous shots that you can proudly display in the home. You want the photos to do your relationship justice, so here are ten ways to rock the shoot.

Make sure your horse is sparkling

It’s always a good idea to bathe the horse the night before the shoot or on the morning of it. Ensure their tails are brushed and tidy with hoof oil ready to apply before the shoot. Wet wipes and tissues to keep their muzzle clean are a must-have, too.

Take care of the tack

A messy, beaten bridle can really catch the eye in a high-resolution photo and spoil the perfect image you’re going for. Clean any tack you plan on having the horse wear before the shoot to make them as presentable as possible.

Equine photoshoot with sparkling tack

Don’t forget yourself

You can dress however you like for your equine photoshoot. Riding gear isn’t essential. Many riders like a rustic appeal to their outfits, but we love diversity in outfits, too. Whether you want to go casual, smart, for a sundress or anything else, choose what you think expresses your personality.

Look good and feel good

Put as much preparation into your hair and makeup as you want. The best photos are of those who are confident and happy. Some of our clients will pair up with a makeup or hair artist on the morning of the shoot, ensuring they look and feel gorgeous.

You don’t have to look for locations

If you have some input on a backdrop, we’re more than happy to hear it but you don’t have to worry about locations. That’s our job.

Don’t stress about time

When you book a photoshoot session with us, we take as long as it takes to capture the perfect images of you and your horse. It’s a wise idea to come with a free schedule. Otherwise, don’t worry about how much time you have left with us. We’re there till the end.

Relax - then your horse will too

All riders know that their horses are emotionally sensitive animals. If you feel tense, they pick up on it. There’s no time limit or picture limit, so relax. If you or your horse are antsy, we can take the time to relax and ease back into it.

Treats are a must

There are few things to get a horse in a cooperative mood like a treat. It’s a special day for both of you, so an extra POLO mint or some horse treats can be just the thing to get them in a good mood for the shoot.

Feel free to bring the family

Your relationship with your horse is unique but they may also have a special place in the heart of your other family members. Feel free to bring them along for support or even for a cameo appearance.

Enjoy it

Most of our clients love having photos taken that immortalize one of the most important bonds in their life. There’s no pressure from your photographer to take just the one right photo. Enjoy it, go with the flow, your happiness will make every shot all the better.

Your photoshoot with your horse can be a fun, memorable time worth cherishing forever. It’s a celebration of your relationship with your beloved animal and the bond you’ve built through the years. We can help do just that for clients all throughout South East England.


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