The advantages of a winter equine photoshoot

As a photographer, it’s important to be able to find the unique appeal of any atmosphere and any climate. If there was one that holds a particular magic for an equine photoshoot, however, it has to be the winter shoot. There is a range of elements that all play together to simply make the photos more atmospheric and breath-taking.

The cosy effect

Chilly as it may be, winter brings and comfortable and cosy feeling with it because we all imagine wrapping up warm in the softest clothes imaginable. Against a snowy or frosty backdrop, nothing looks better than a pair of furry boots and a plush hood or hat. The horses look especially lovely in their fuzzy winter coats, as well. Owners feel compelled to cuddle up to their friends, making for some particularly tender moments It creates a warming image that manages to warm the heart just as much.

Winter glam

Many of my clients like to take the opportunity to show off their glamorous side during winter, too, where the pale light of a winter morning makes them all the more impressive and classier. It’s the perfect time to display that gorgeous winter jacket of yours. Let’s not forget the elegant jewellery making the best use of a twinkling, frosty setting. It adds a little bit of prestige to the image that gives you and your animal a sense of pride and refinement that gets across perfectly during the shoot.

Dramatic winter settings

Snow might one of the most sought-after elements during a winter shoot. It might not always be available but when it is, it can add such a contrast between the backdrop and you and your horse to make every photo more striking. Even if we don’t find snow, winter settings look magnificent for a photo. The bare trees, the frost on the grass, the paler tint to every shade. When combined with the natural coat of your horse and your outfit, it adds a lot of drama to every shot.

Atmosphere galore

Photographers, particularly specialists who take photos with animals and natural settings, love winter for the extra depth and clarity it offers. The sun is low throughout the day, creating soft shadows with plenty of light especially during those frosty mornings. The air is crystal clear, allowing for strikingly detailed shots of the backdrops. The steam rising from the muzzle of the horse and your own breath can add even more dimension and atmosphere to every captured image. Though it’s as still and quiet a season as you can find, winter can really add a new sense of life to a photoshoot.

The winter shoot might be one of my favourites, but I’m glad to work with clients and their equine friends all throughout the South East, no matter what backdrop they want. As a specialist, my goal is to help you cement the bond you share with your horse through gorgeous photos you’ll be glad to display.


© 2018 by Emma Ziff

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