Why Horses Mean So Much

If you’ve ever had a pet in the past then you’ll probably know that animals are incredibly intelligent and loving. In the same fashion, horses have always had an incredible relationship with humans. They’ve helped us travel the world, they’ve assisted in pulling vehicles and carts and we’ve developed a loving relationship with them that has been around for thousands of years.

During those millennia, our relationship with horses has mostly been phased out.

However, horses don’t forget so easily!

Horses love relationships and are incredibly social animals that rely heavily on family, much like humans. How good does it feel when no one can catch your pony and they've tried for 40 minutes, only for you to walk into the field and he/she walks straight over to you.

In fact, horses have their own ways to interact with humans and show that they have trust and love in us. Once a horse is comfortable around you, you’ll notice that they each have their own individual personalities, much like humans.

You’ll learn what a horse likes, what they dislike and you can even tell when they’re distraught, upset or happy. And what about their humour!

Horses are part of me. My life is not complete without them in it. I've tried to give them up, but that's worse, because then I panic and buy another one!!! On those days when life gets to me, the minute I see my ponies and touch them, the feelings change and that calm happiness takes over. Riding them transports me to another place, my energy and thoughts are totally on us as a partnership and I find myself only being in the present.

Why not consider an equine photoshoot?

An equine photoshoot is a fantastic way to be with your horse. It’s also a way for you to have fantastic memories with your own horse that will forever be remembered. It's a way to cherish the relationship and have an afternoon of fun.

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