Why we love how husbands can help in a photoshoot

The vast majority of my clients are women who love their horses. It’s not uncommon that a family member or a husband will buy an equine photoshoot as a present, but it’s the lady and the horse who are the stars of the show. That said, husbands can be quite useful to have around, contrary to popular wisdom! Here’s why it might be a good idea to bring, drag, or convince hubby to come to the shoot.

It’s all in the ears

No, not your husband’s ears, but your equine friend’s ears. We almost always want a horse’s ears up and at attention when we’re shooting to ensure they look as elegant and active as possible. Your husband can help by shaking a bucket, running in and out of shot, or even crinkling a plastic bag behind the camera. Otherwise, I’m the one who ends up having to put in all that work, and multitasking between ear management and photography is not easy, I assure you!

Lightening the mood

A little humour goes a lot way when it comes to photography. The genuine smile provided by a loving husband and the occasional joke can truly make you glow for the shot.

Offering support

It’s not uncommon for women to be nervous during a photoshoot. You are somewhat put on the spot. Having emotional support there can help you stay calm and confident. In response, your horse is likely to stay calm, too, so we’re really hitting two birds with one stone!

If you’re interested in arranging a shoot of your own to end up with some gorgeous equine art, why not bring your husband along? The company and the help will be greatly appreciated by both of us!


© 2018 by Emma Ziff

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