Why we love our horses

One of the most rewarding aspects of being an equine photographer is that, over my career, I’ve met a huge range of horses and their owners. Throughout that journey, I’ve learned to appreciate our four-hooved friends all the more.

If you ask someone why they love horses, they might have more reasons than they can explain or be so caught up with emotion they can’t get the words out. But I think that my experience with all the different horses (and the different) owners has helped me understand why we have such a deep connection with them.

The bonds we’ve built

With some of the horses I’ve known, that feeling of connection can be almost instant, hitting like a bolt of lighting when I first lay eyes on them. However, I’ve found that it’s the building of a relationship over time that solidifies a place for them in my heart. When I take the time to train a horse, to learn its habits, to groom them, and feed them, it’s an educational experience for us both, one that only deepens my affection for them all the more. There’s nothing as rewarding as earning the trust of a horse and the uplifting experience of riding them.

The personalities we’re privy to

I’ve known plenty of horses with plenty of different personalities. I’ve met the horse that always laughs, the wise animal that can tell when people are nervous or afraid. Horses have big personalities, but the more I get to know them, the more I learn its little idiosyncrasies and just how individual they can be. Horses have an amazing emotional depth and intelligence. Only by spending enough time with them did I start to realise that they have just as many moods and temperaments as we do, and a language and ability to communicate that is a joy to understand.

Their breathtaking beauty

As far as I’m concerned, there simply aren’t any animals as beautiful, as majestic, as imposing, or as instinctually appealing as a horse. From the twinkle in their eye to their lustrous coats, they are positively full of light and life. I love the fluidity and grace in their movement when they are in full stride just as much as I love the little flickers of their ticklish ears. Even the smell of a horse can feel so deeply warm and comforting.

They are our friends

When I build a bond with a horse, I feel like we were made for each other. They are our friends, but they aren’t easy friends all of the time. If I do something wrong, they will let me know. They are social animals, just like us, and as emotional as they are, simply spending time with them can take the stress of a bad day away and relax me like nothing else. As exhilarating as it may be to ride them, there’s something so innately comforting about simply sitting with them and grooming them (provided they’re in the mood for it, of course.) Just as often as they inspire in me a wonder and joy, they inspire a sense of closeness that’s hard to shake off.

Really, there are so many reasons to love our horses that it’s hard not to think “well, why wouldn’t you love them?” That’s a love worth celebrating, which is why the services I offer for equine photoshoots feels all the more vital.


© 2018 by Emma Ziff

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