How it works

You know that wall space you’ve got? You know, that big empty wall in the dining room where the Hockney print fell down? Annoying, isn’t it?


What better way to fill it than with a stunning image of your horses? And not just to hide the hole and the edge shadows.


You just know it’ll be a glorious conversation piece. But first, there’s a process to follow. Sorry. It goes like this.


1) You book and pay a deposit.


2) You then book a date and I send you tips on how to make the session memorable.


3) You pay the balance seven days before the shoot.


4) I show up, sniff around, and find (or make) great locations.


5) You can change outfits. So can your horse. Swap if you like.


6) I shoot in a wedding format. Not that I’m advocating marrying your horse. Although I won’t judge.


I just mean that I document your relationship with your horse. Sort of ‘day in the life’, reportage style. That’s on top of all the feeding, grooming, tacking and portrait shots. (Portrait shots are important. Ask your horse.)


I know if it were me booking a session, these are the kind of memories I’d cherish forever. And I know as a photographer, I can get really immersed in my subject and feel your relationship. Deep, eh?


7) We book a viewing date for two weeks later.


8) I go home, have a passion-fruit Martini, then edit furiously. Then have another Martini.


9) We view images at my studio in London. You see a slideshow and then you choose the images you love most and how you want to display them. We high-five enthusiastically.


10) Ten days later, you receive your wall art and album. You blub like a baby.

© 2018 by Emma Ziff

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